Welcome to the website of the Idaho Sport Shooters Alliance.

We are the only statewide group dedicated solely to advocating for the interests of gun owners and recreational shooters in Idaho.

Rather than just react to anti-gun/ anti-shooting bills,    we have an aggressive legislative agenda . Our goal is  to assure that Idaho is at the cutting edge of firearm freedoms.

In the past two legislative sessions IdahoSSA was involved in drafting six pro-gun bills that were enacted into law.  These bills:

  • clarified that only the legislature has the authority to regulate fireams,
  • provided much needed legal protections to Idaho shooting ranges facing encroachment issues,
  • clarified that  carry in State Parks is specifically allowed.
  • realigned Idaho law to allow purchase and sale of long guns in any state where allowed by Federal law,
  • granted immunity to clubs, ranges, match officials, and firearms instructors,
  • relieved employers who allow their employees to store firearms in their cars on company property from potential liability.

We invite you to join with us in accomplishing our mission. Please take a moment to sign up for alerts so that we can let you know about critical issues and how you can be effective. Signing up for alerts places you under no obligation but if you can, please consider donating or becoming a supporting member. We are working to give YOU a voice in making sure that Idaho's heritage of responsible firearms use is passed down to future generations.

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January 10th: 2011 Idaho Legislature convenes. Stay tuned for important updates on pending legislation!

Photos courtesy of Shoot! Magazine/ Junior Shooters Magazine 
 USPSA, & Karen And Robert Hensley.

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